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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to connect to the observatory?
    You can connect to the observatory through the AnyDesk remote console. After paying the fee, we will send you an access password.
  • How to remotely control the observatory?
    Through AnyDesk, you have full access to the observatory’s control computer and the software installed on it. The telescope is controlled by TheSkyX, the CCD camera by MaximDL, the dome by the ScopeDome Driver. Before the session, we offer a free one-hour training in operation.
  • How to download files from the observatory?
    Photo files can be downloaded via AnyDesk.
  • Is a library of calibration files available?
    Yes. Typical DARK, FLAT, BIAS calibration files for typical exposure times are stored in Maxim DL.
  • Is the money refunded when there is bad weather on the booked date?
    Unfortunately, we do not refund in case of bad weather.
  • Do you issue VAT invoices?
  • If I provide my own telescope and equipment, will the observatory staff install it in the dome?
    Yes. However, it will be a separately paid service. The price of the installation will be determined on the basis of the number of man-hours and the cost of the necessary materials. Of course, you can install your equipment yourself.