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At the moment, the technical infrastructure is prepared for six observatories. Of course, there is a possibility of quick expansion.

The observatory is located 1 km from the GSM base station. There is also an office with a workshop and warehouse where you can make necessary repairs or store unused or spare equipment.

The observatory is 100% powered by solar panels during the day, and from the public grid and batteries at night.


Basic elements of equipment:

  • LTE 4G internet connection
  • 3M ScopeDome domes
  • AllSky camera (ASI178)
  • computer supervising the work of domes and cameras
  • external viewing cameras
  • cameras for viewing inside the dome
  • ScopeDome Cloud And Rain Sensor
  • weather station
  • 1GB speed computer network
  • central UPS with a 600Ah battery
  • 230V power supply from the public grid and solar panels through a solar inverter with overvoltage protections
  • additionally, each of the domes is secured with its own 600W UPS